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What is Kumara?

What is Kumara….

Welcome – Established in 2003 by Liz & Roger McCaughey, Kumara is a training and healing organisation that uses the knowledge of various spiritual, religious and esoteric teachings. This knowledge combined with practical modern-day psychotherapy provides an incredible system of courses and therapies that will change the way you live your life and view the world. What is Kumara……

You can learn through the Kumara Online Courses and Therapy Programs about the inner movement of consciousness and the psychological clearing that you are able to achieve with this awareness. Create a better life for yourself and those people important to you through the KumaraHUB and affiliate programs. Connect with global communities through the articles, the Kumara Healing Connections Social Media outlets and the many courses presented through the Kumara Online Affiliates.

Kumara – Places, People, Potential

Kumara is an established meditation, therapy and teaching organisation. It has a global forum the KumaraHUB for presenting online courses and online therapy. It is also developing a growing number of affiliated teachers in various locations to teach the Kumara courses. This teaching opportunity is available to any person who wants to develop their own business.  You can find out more on the Kumara Marketplace.

Liz McCaughey has been meditating for over 30 years and has studied advanced spiritual teachings and healing methods for almost the same time. She is a qualified trainer and psychotherapist. Roger McCaughey is also an advanced meditator and he is a Pranic Practitioner & Reiki Master. Roger is a Senior Airline Pilot with Cathay Pacific Airlines based in Hong Kong. 

Kumara’s online platform enables anyone to access Online Therapy, and Spiritual Knowledge through its many Articles, Courses and Free media. Through its unique combination of psychotherapy, mentoring, spiritual knowledge, meditation, therapy and the ancient wisdoms of Theosophy, Kumara helps to bring clarity at many levels. It is a community for anyone who wants to create a more joyful and fulfilling life. Kumara is creating an online platform for people who want to have a better life through Meditation, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Knowledge.

Kumara – Can Help You

Kumara is a place of healing that uses conventional psychotherapy and psychology with meditation and holistic remedies. The online forum offers many insightful learning and healing experiences through the courses and many articles that are presented. A therapist list will soon be available and from the leisure of your own home you can select the teaching, therapy & healing you feel would best serve your present needs.

As an established healing and teaching organisation, Kumara offers the highest-quality online education and therapy through its easy to use website the KumaraHUB and its social media platforms called the Kumara Healing Connections.

In every day life the Kumara experience can help you:

  • Reduce stress and help with pain management
  • Bring more focus and productivity to your life.
  • Reduce anxiety through knowledge and simple techniques
  • Help manage depression and sadness
  • Assist with blood pressure and related diseases
  • Find inner calm throughout the day
  • Connect with a large community of illuminated souls
  • Learn the trick to achieving happiness
  • Help you to emotionally heal yourself and your family

What is Kumara… To find out more explore Kumara through its online portal:

Liz McCaughey & Kumara offer a Free Daily Mindfulness & Meditation page on Facebook and Google+


1-Question Therapy – NEW!

Kumara’s Online Therapy – NEW!

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