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Welcome to the Kumara Help Page. Please send your help questions or problems using the help form below. As well as a direct reply, the answers will be posted here so that we can build up a useful FAQs index.

For computer / website problems, include as much detail as possible and include the computer type, operating system and browser in use.




Skype on-line therapy sessions Method for connection to Skype 1. Go to Web Site: 2. Click ‘Download now’ and select ‘Skype for Mac OS X’ or ‘Skype for Windows’ 3. Click ‘Download Skype for MAC OS X’ or ‘Download Skype for Windows’ 4. See...

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Kumara and Amazon: Kumara recognises Amazon as probably the most experienced, diverse, reliable, and trustworthy online retailer. As such, we are proud to be an affiliate - allowing us to profile relevant and quality products for sale direct from Amazon with no extra...

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Fillable PDF Forms

Some Web Browsers will not support Fillable PDF Forms completion - e.g. Firefox. On Windows computers, the standard Windows Explorer works fine. But, if necessary, you should be able to download the form and open it in Adobe Reader - which you can Download Free - and...

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Please check the above posts for help before using the help form – thanks

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