According to Theosophical literature, there are 3 important Spiritual Festivals that occur every year and these particular ones are very important for mankind. They are conducted separately during the Full Moons of April-May-June. The celebration of these 3-events is a global affair and during the meditation there is a world-wide energetic link up with millions of souls worldwide in service to the Great Ones. It is during these group meditations that the vibration of the Masters can touch all of humanity as the group energy allows our vibration to ascend and be in alignment with these Beings of Light. Full Moon Energy-3 Spiritual Festivals

There are many spiritual festivals during the year, but out of these there are 3 Great Spiritual festivals. These 3 festivals culminate in the Wesak Festival, celebrated during the Full Moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini.  During these Festivals, which only take place during each full moon period, there is a joining of like minded souls to celebrate the energy and work of the Masters and the Lord Buddha. The time of the full moon is potent on a spiritual level as it is the period when the inner plane Masters meet as a group energy.

“In 1936 a fuller tide of energy swept the planet during the full moon period and the growth of the group consciousness was planted.”

Master Djwhal Khul Discipleship in New Age Page 43. 

Thus the 3 Great Spiritual Festivals use the periods of the full moon to heighten the amazing spiritual experiences that are possible during this time.

The Festival of The Risen One – Aries Full Moon 

Aries is the first of the three festivals of the Wesak period, a time when The Lord Buddha, The Lord of the World; through his brother The Maitreya, The Planetary Christ, and the Masters facilitate a down pouring of tremendous energy in order for the planet and all its energy forms to be sustained for the following year.

All disciples who participate in this festival offer tremendous service to the Great Ones and it is a time of unimaginable energy.

The full moon on Aries honours the resurrection of spirit and honours the Divine Ideas and Divine Principals.  At this time, the consciousness of the heart and the energy of love, which is the energy of spiritual hierarchy, are emphasised.

The Aries Festival celebrates the restorative energy and the stimulation of the masses to the ‘Will to Good’ and love.  Taking action in meditation, contemplation and gaining knowledge is necessary at this time of evolution.

The Wesak Festival – Taurus Full Moon

The Wesak Festival is a ‘spiritual reunion’ which started eons ago for the Masters and their devotees.

The energy and intent behind this festival has grown in power and intensity each year and it is truly a global event.  It is a time of great energy and power when the spiritual hierarchy join together to bring divine energy to the planet and all its energy forms.

Wesak is named for the legendary convergence of Buddha, Christ and other Masters in the hallowed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas during the Taurus Full Moon. The convergence is celebrated by many cultures throughout the world, including those devotees that make the annual pilgrimage to the Himalayas.

The Festival of Goodwill – The Gemini Full Moon

This follows on from the Wesak festival when the Hierarchy guided by The Christ downpours the Will-To-Good upon the planet.  During Wesak The Christ, acting on behalf of the Hierarchy, is the receiver of this potent energy. As a result the Christ, also known as The Lord Maitreya, The Planetary Christ is the directing force at the Festival of Goodwill.

The 3 planetary festivals bring about the knowingness of:

  • Power
  • Will to Love
  • Will To Action
  • Will to Cooperate
  • Will to Know
  • Will to Persist
  • Will to Organise

Each full moon is a time to meditate and enjoy the amazing energy that heals not just yourself but the planet as a whole.

Full Moon Energy-3 Spiritual Festivals

by Liz McCaughey, © Copyright 2014 Kumara Enterprise Pty Ltd

10 Apr 13

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