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Liz makes you look at the way you are living your life and forces you to be honest with yourself. She does it with amazing knowledge and compassion and the simple fact is she makes a difference.  Her courses are amazingly knowledgable and her therapy sessions are life changing The end result being it helps you create a new path and a new life.  She moves your life away from fear and pain to empowerment and happiness. Carole Flowers


The courses that Liz delivers, through her company Kumara, exceed all expectations.  Every course is full of incredible knowledge and provides the tools that you need to shape your future for the better. Liz has a great understanding of human nature and presents her courses in a language that can easily be understood no matter the level of your spiritual growth and understanding. In between the laughter and down to earth delivery, Liz offers compassionate but direct advice which all contribute to make these courses a must for anyone with a thirst to live life to its fullest.  Jane Peak

Senior Dental Nurse

I have known Liz through her work at the Kumara Centre having attended many workshops, meditations and read her insightful articles. She is an exceptionally gifted therapist, healer and teacherHer work is delivered with deep intuitive insights that are always grounded, loving and with a touch of humour. Liz is decisive in telling what you need to hear at the time you need to hear it. I have always been impressed by Liz’s depth of metaphysical knowledge and recommend her work to anyone seeking healing, spiritual knowledge, mentoring or personal development in all aspects of life. Robert Ward

I.T. Specialist

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