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Let Reality Govern my every Thought


Truth be the Master of my Life

The KumaraHub

Established in 2003, the KumaraHub website is an information portal to help spiritually minded people gain knowledge and wisdom through its articles, directory, shop, free meditations and social media outlets. It is here to help you cope with life’s daily struggles.

Why does becoming more spiritual often result in more pain and struggle?

What is the point of this life other than the daily routines of work: sleep: play?

The Kumarahub website has this information and more.  It is time for you to create a reality that will allow you to truly be the master of your life. No-one else can do it for you, but of course there is a lot of help along the way.

Welcome to the new Kumara – may it serve you well throughout this lifetime and any others.

This Website is undergoing updates and expansion – the full site will be available in March 18